Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fall Conference

On Friday I went on a fall retreat with RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). I carpooled with Shelly, Anna, and Jamie, and between listening to a new band called Grits playing silly games, and learning that Shelly's spiritual gift is being able to go to the bathroom really fast. This group kept me in stiches. When we got to Twin Lakes, Anna and I were given the responsability of getting the car to the cabins. Neither of us have a good sense of direction. We got lost and we could not figure out how to turn on the head lights on Shelly's car either so we were driving around in the dark turning on the lights every few minutes and sticking our heads out the windows so we could see. We played XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl), and She's in Love with the Boy, to keep ourselves from getting upset. We finally got the cabins and unloaded our stuff. Then we got Jeanie to help us get back to the conference area. Never send Anna and Jessica to do a job meant for Jeanie.

The key note speaker was Stuart Latimer. He spoke on Mark 1:1-15, about the kingdom of God and our identity in Christ. Then I went to bed early. Well not early for me, but I don't think anyone else was used to my early to bed early to rise habits.
I was the first one up in my cabin, and went to breakfast with Trace, a girl who was staying in the next cabin over. She is senior studying Forensic Chemistry at Olemiss. She was sweet girl. I let her borrow my Support our Troops T-shirt later on during the day.
Stuart Latimer continued his sermon on the Kingdom of God, he spent some time on the Sower in Mark 4 and asked us some questions about our own lives, in reguard to the three wrong responses in the story of the Sower. Are we shallow? Like the seed sown on shallow soil. Do people on our hall know that we are Christians?
It was very thought provoking. I think my favorite sermon was the one he preach on Sunday though. It was on the Kingdom of Heaven Rev. 21-22:1-5. I did not get notes on this sermon because I left my notebook in Shelly's car, but it was a great sermon. I found out that it was recorded and put on the Ole Miss RUF website so I can listen to it again.

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