Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Day aka you might be a redneck if. . .

We went to mamaw and papaw's house. Bethany went to see Joe's family for Thanksgiving.

I brought my camera so I could take pictures of my family for my photography portfolio/final assignment. My entire family wanted to help me. Mom wanted me to take a picture of her under a 45 mile per hour speed limit sign because she is 45 years old. The problem was the town is so small that it was hard to find a 45 mile per hour speed limit posted.
We borrowed Papaw's pickup truck and and drove around looking for a 45 mile per hour speed limit sign. When I say we I mean, Brittany, aunt Peggy, mom, Melissa, Alex, and me. Melissa and Alex rode in the back of the pick up. That left Brittany driving and the rest of us in the cab with her. We were so crowded that aunt Peggy had to sit in my mom's lap. After we found the sign and I took the picture I rode back to the house in the back with Melissa and Alex. It was very cold and Brittany took the long way back.
We played cards in the dining room. It was a bluffing game and Melissa won the first round I won the second. I did not win the second round because I was good at the game. I just could not help laughing whenever they tried to call my bluff even if I was telling the truth so I confused them by being bad at the game.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving I will give a list of things I am thankful for:
My Family and friends.
A break from school.
Ricky and Shelley from RUF.
School is nearly over for the semester.
I am finished writing the first draft of my horrible play.

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