Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Hair Cut and a fire

Today I finally went in and got my hair chopped off for Locks of Love. I started growing my hair out in December of 2002 for children with cancer. I went in and showed Hubert, my stylist, what kind of hair cut I wanted. Then after we measured how much I needed to to cut off I found out that my hair was not quite long enough to get that particular haircut. I got 11 inches hacked off. I was sitting there so stiffly that he asked me if I was scared. What I wanted to say was: What do think? This is 11 inches and two years of my life being cut off my body, of course I'm scared! I managed a polite yes instead.

Now I am just going to have to wait until it grows back out to a length that I like. At least there are two good things about this hair cut 1. some child who does not have any hair will now have some and 2. My hair will be a lot easier to mess with now that it is short.

Melissa also got her hair cut and Hubert teased her about getting it cut off for Locks of Love. She said NO all I want is layers.

This afternoon there was a kitchen fire in our house. Kimberly was making hot chocolate and when she was finished with the kettle she was supposed to turn off the stove. She accidently turned it on high instead. The kettle exploded and mom through salt on the stove in an effort to put out the fire. Bethany was over and she threw a wet towel on top of the fire and finished putting it out. We don't have a fire extinguisher. Actually we don't even have a smoke detector or a fire escape plan. Some things need to change around here.

I was taking a nap when this happened but the noise of the exploding tea kettle woke me up. I managed to stagger into the kitchen half asleep right after Bethany put out the fire. I moved my air filter into the kitchen to help clear up some of the smoke.

All I can say is God has been good to some really stupid people lately.

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