Sunday, January 9, 2005

A new puppy and an update on grandmother

We celebrated the New Year by getting a new puppy from the pound on Jan. 4. They said she was about six weeks old and looks like a cocker spaniel mix. Now that we have had her a few days we are all wondering if she might be younger because she seems like she needs a puppy formula instead of puppy chow. We named her Tootsy Roll and she is adorable. She has the cutest bark and she spends a lot of time napping right now. She is having trouble with a bad cough that makes her sound like she is choking. We don't know what is wrong and we plan on taking her to Vet tomorrow.

This weekend we went to visit grandmother. We got a call from aunt Lee on Friday night telling us that grandmother had to be taken to the Emergency room. After we went to visit her we found out that her white blood cells were over 20,000, she has a kidney infection, and a cat scan led them to believe that she also had a slight stroke. She was supposed to come home today, but they decided to keep her another night so they can moniter her heart. Mom spent Saturday night and most of Sunday morning staying with grandmother. We are hoping to get Janet, the nurse to work more hours with when she comes to help at my grandparents house.

We spent the weekend with granddaddy and I will be returning to school in the morning instead of moving back into the dorm tonight like we had planned.

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