Monday, January 10, 2005

First Day of Classes for 2005

Today was a little hectic because we decided I needed to move into the dorm this morning instead of yesterday. I had to go shopping for groceries this morning before I could go to class. I was late for my first class because I forgot which room it was in and I had to go to the library and look up my schedule on the computer. I printed out a copy so I would know where the rest of my classes are. I was late to my second class today because the changed the room. My schedule said Lee 201 but when I got there it was Literature class instead of Approaches to Teaching English as a Second Language. The English Department had double booked room 201 and so we ended up in room 218 which is more like a closet than a classroom and it was extremely hot. We are all hoping that we will have a new room by Wednesday.

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