Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Still no textbooks

I dropped my Logic class yesterday, but I was not able to buy the rest of my textbooks. The bookstore is still out of the books and I may have to buy them online. I need my Interpersonal Communication textbook before next Wednesday because I have to read chapter two and create a five minute summary for the class so I can be one of the class leaders for that day. There is no make up for this assignment and it is worth 50 pts towards my grade. I will be visiting my teachers office this week.

On the brighter side, I did get a ticket to this Saturday's Basketball game. I am planning to go with Debbie.

I did not go to Toastmasters tonight because that was the only time I had to buy textbooks. I ended eating supper in the Union and I ran into Chad. We are taking Mass Media and Society together (taught by Mark Goodman). I have not seen him since we had Voice I in Spring of 2003. We ate together and he said he is graduating next semester too. So I am not the only 5th year Communication senior still hanging around. At least I will be graduating with someone I know.

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