Monday, March 7, 2005

Last week before Spring Break

This is the week before Spring Break and I have lots to do. One test and three assignments due. So what am I doing? Eating Skittles, drinking Vanilla Coke, and listening to music. I finally found the music video I was looking for: Good Hearted Man by Tift Merrit. So between that and Tammy Rochelle's I Dreamt I can quickly drive my roommate crazy. It is a good thing Ashley is not in because I've listen to I Dreamt at least a hundred times today. I need to buy her CD so I can listen to the rest of the music on it.

My weekend went well. I did study for this test that is coming up. I went home and had a nice visit with my family. Mom and dad went to a Supper Club with some church members and our house was the babysitting house. We were supposed to have eight kids besides my younger siblings over, but only our youth pastors kids showed up. I was glad because they are good kids so I did not have to worry about helping Melissa out. I was able to study more.

After two weeks of missing my Sunday school class I finally went to my home church. It was good to be back. We've been studying When People Are Big and God is Small by Ed Welch. I already went through this book at RUF with Shelley's small group, but I did not want to stay in Delane's class while he was going his Song of Solomon Bible Study so I switched to this class and our pastor is doing a good job leading it.

My Teaching English as a Second Language Methods class was canceled today so I will have to wait until Wednesday to see my grade on our midterm. I was one of the few people who actually read and followed the instructions on the test so he should be able to grade my test quicker than the others. There were about six discussion questions on the test and he said choose three to answer, but a lot of people answered all of them. I am not about to answer six discussion questions when I only have to answer three. I hope I did well.


  1. Hey Jess,
    What are your plans for Spring Break!?

    Love ya!

  2. Ok, I don't know why it posted twice...very strange...

  3. LOL, I just told you on your own blog. I guess I should have checked the comments on mine first. My plans are to study. Yuk. But I am hoping that I can spend a weekend with my aunt in Florida, not sure if that will work out or not though.