Monday, April 4, 2005

I got a "new" phone

My mom bought me two phones at a garage sell. That is why the word new is in quotes. (Thanks Mom!) The one I am using seems to work fine. I have not recovered my other phone from Anna yet, but when I do I am going to give her one of these phones from the garage sale.
I also got in touch with one of my key sources for my Advanced Newswriting story. I need to e-mail her again because I don't have nearly enough information for a three page+ article. I can call her too now.
I am going to the Middle March Movie tonight with Jessi Mills. It is at Ricky Jones house. Bianca is serving English Scones and we are watch this movie. Last year they watch Pride and Predjudice and it sounded like fun so I am glad I got a ride to this.
Lastly, I found a ride to the city council meeting tomorrow night so things are going well. That is it for my update on how things are shaping up this week.


  1. hey jess,
    i like your new picture. very romantic looking. i just wanted to ask you if you have a xanga account. i just got one not too long ago (but i still have the tripod one too) and i'm either trying to rope in some friends to getting one or seeing if they already have an existing one. if you don't, you should look into getting one. it's neat b/c you can interact with more ppl that way. let me know if you have/get one! buh-bye! :)

  2. OK I joined. LOL I have a cousin on xanga, my roommate's on xanga, and a long time friend is on xanga, but I didn't join for them I joined for you. Don't you feel special? :)
    Seriously, now I can interact with all my xanga friends too.
    You can click on my name to get to my new blog.