Saturday, April 23, 2005

Names and their meanings

OK here is another weird hobby of mine. Looking up the meanings of names.
I've been going to this website for - well forever to look name meanings.
You can go look up the meaning of your name now if you want to.
Here is the meaning of my name:

Jessica = wealth; gift (my main character in my novel name's means gift too! I never knew this before)

Anne = God has favored; prayer

Duncan = A dark one; chief

Note: If surname can't be used as a first name they may not have it in their database.

While I am on the subject of names: What are your hobbit and Elf names?

My Hobbit name is: Ruby Hardbottle

My Elf name is: Nessa Elanessë

You have a secret name. . . discover it.

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