Friday, April 29, 2005

Teaching ESL certificate!

I got my Certificate to teach English as a Second Language yesterday! YES!!!!!

I liked seeing my name on that the Certificate.

I forgot to bring my camera so I did not get any pictures. But Jennifer, another classmate, took a lot of pictures and she said she'd let me know when she got them developed so I can get a copy of some of them.

It was nice little way to end the year.

I went to RUF last night too. I did remember to bring my camera there. I got a picture of me and Shelley, me and Daniel, and some at the party that we had for Shelley.

I did not get very many picture though because it was a partial roll of film. I hope I can get some more some time this weekend.

I could take some of Brooke and me too. Finals are coming and I'm scared. I hope I do well and bring my GPA up from where it was at midterms. A tip for those choosing their majors: Follow your interests. Choose something you enjoy doing even if it does not seem practical. You will thank yourself for it later.

I switched my major from Communication Studies (the Psychological study of communication) to Journalism last year and I have been miserable ever since then.

The good news is if I manage to survive this semester with a passing GPA. I can come back next semester and take electives I enjoy and graduate.

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