Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm back.

I know I have not updated for a while. My hours for babysitting are varied, and sometimes long. I work 12 hours a day sometimes, but I'm off today so I thought I'd update my blog. Gavin is as adorable as ever, and he is even more spoiled than before I got him. I guess that's part of my job description: spoil babies daily.

Three notable things that have happened since my last entry are:

Thursday morning Bob, our cat, came in the house and started eating a huge mouse in our living room floor. Mom and everyone else were all screaming. I picked up Bob and put him outside and then I had the great pleasure of picking up the bloody decapitated mouse and throwing it out into the front yard. Note the sarcasm; I nearly threw up.

On Saturday I went to Jackson for Toastmaster Officer training. Toastmasters is a Communication and Leadership group that I am in. I was elected as the Vice President of Public Relations for Fall of 2005. The training went well; I was so relieved because I've been to officer training before (for a different office) and it was boring and uninformative.

I saw Daniel while I was in Jackson and we had a brief visit. He showed me some gorgeous pictures of the tornados and storms he saw on his storm chasing trip.

Last of all my little sister Lydia celebrated her 9th birthday yesterday. We had a princess party for her and everyone dressed up like princesses. We had princess doll cakes, vanilla birthday icecream, and rasberry fruit punch. Gavin was the only prince at the party because our little brother Jesse left. He spent some time with a friend. Gavin slept through most of the party (thankfully!).


  1. Hey Jessica! Your last comments were hilarious! I guess you will have to show Kimberly who is the boss (aka nanny). Sounds like watching the baby is fun (except having to beat people away so that they won't spoil him rotten). I know that I contribute to that problem! You are a great nanny - just remember to pick a big switch for Kimberly :) - Bethany

  2. Hey Mary Poppins! Its great that you got your certificate to teach english (as a second language). I didn't know that you had that yet. Maybe you can teach me some when I come over :)

  3. Jessica, I read the comment that you wrote on Brittany's xanga. I would agree with you except that I read all of those verses that she used for her pictures. They were a paraphrase and not a good paraphrase. I wonder what translation she used. It was watered down so much that it missed the true essence of the verses. It was VERY different. Look them up. I didn't say anything about that to Brittany in my comment because I do not want to sound like a prick or that I think I know more than her. I love Brittany and I am glad that she is influencing people for good. I just wish that she wouldn't use that paraphrase - it was very off.