Friday, June 3, 2005

My days as a nanny. . .

So far mom disapproves of everything that baby Gavin has to wear. So she went out and bought a pack of onesies for him.

I keep on losing bottle lids.

Tootsie Roll,our puppy, is jealous of the attention he is getting. I have to keep her away from the baby too, because she is just too rough for him.

The munchkins finally know who is in charge: Gavin, but his care taker (me) does not allow him to jump on the trampoline or be taken outside in the evening when mosquitoes eat people.

Yes, Lydia did ask me on first day if Gavin was old enough to jump on the little trampoline, and Kimberly tried to take him outside around 5:00 pm. No such nonsense will take place.

I've also sold four books online but none of them were textbooks.

This is Mary Poppins signing out.


  1. I think you are much meaner thn marry poppins BRAT!! SO THERE