Saturday, July 16, 2005

Last Day

This was the last day that I was taking care of Gavin. I thought I might have him a few days next week while she was moving in, but she changed her mind because she has to start work on Monday.
She is definitely leaving tomorrow. I'm praying that Gavin will be safe and fine. I am going to miss him. I hate saying goodbye; I cried just thinking about it this afternoon. I don't know if it makes it easier or harder knowing that Gavin did not know it was goodbye.
I got lots of pictures of him over the past couple of weeks. Bethany came over yesterday and took pictures of him. I did not have anything left but black and white film, but I think they will be cute. Bethany's pictures are in color and we can get doubles or something and give each other pictures.
We found out what was wrong with the water heater. There is a leak in the pipes that is leaking out all of our hot water. It ruined the floor in the closet where our water heater is. We turned off the water today, and dad and a friend have been working on the plumbing nearly all day. They did quit long enough to do yard work at the church for a several hours but then they came back and they are still working on the plumbing right now. It nearly nine o'clock.
One of our neighbors was kind enough to let us use the bathroom over at her house today.
It was a good thing that they went to the church when they did though, because it started to rain this afternoon and if they had not left when they did they would not have been able to get anything done.

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