Sunday, July 24, 2005

Will Hollywood lock up our movies?

New book sheds light on fight over our digital rights

This is a very interesting article on copyright laws and what the electronic media is doing to protect their rights against piracy.
It is a review of the new book "Darknet: Hollywood’s War against the Digital Generation," by J.D. Lasica and this book apparently goes into a lot more detail. There are measures that might be taken to keep consumers from recording movies and TV programs so they can be viewed later. I remember studying the contraversy over of VCR's in Communication law. The ability to record programing and view it later was a concern when the VCR first came out but it has not seemed to hurt the Media's profits so far and the VCR has been around for years. I wonder if the media industries might be getting a little too greedy when it comes to this aspect of copyright. Still I hope that they can come to an arrangement that will benifit both the artist and the consumer.
A good question to ask is if the artist can't be paid how long will we have good music and movies?
More importantly what can we as consumers do to help while still protecting our own interests?
Sorry if I've bored anyone here with my rambling but I believe this is an important issue and I want to make sure that people are aware of what is going on.

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