Thursday, August 4, 2005


I got a haircut on Wednesday. I wanted to get the Reese Witherspoon haircut from Sweet Home Alabama, but I could not find a picture of the haircut so when I got to Muscles, Nails and Faces I picked out the picture in a hairstyle book that looked the closest to the haircut I wanted. It looked so cute while it was wet. I did not pay to have it dried and styled because it would have cost me $23 instead of $15 but now I kind of wish I had. It does not look quite as cute dry.

Maybe it will grow on me. If it does not at least it will grow! I will have to go back and get it cut again to even it all out.

Changing the subject now:
Here are some black and white pictures of Gavin.
Gavin and Jessica

Gavin and me

Bethany and Gavin

Gavin with aunt Bethany

Joe and Gavin

Gavin with uncle Joe

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