Friday, September 30, 2005

Two Tornados

For the people who don't know yet, Daniel, Harry and I went to Mainstreet Presbyterian church on Sunday, and then we ate lunch with the family afterwards. There was a tornado warning right before Pastor Danner started his sermon and we all went down into the fellowship hall to continue the service.

Daniel could not take picture of the storm while we were on the way to the house and I think it was driving him crazy. When we went back to Starkville we started seeing some damage. When we got on campus we found out that two tornados had hit campus. I went to my dorm to find that the power was out and we all had to stay in the basement area. We went up and down stairs during tornado warning. There was a lot of damage on campus and even after the tornado warnings ended we were not allowed to leave. We have a scary RD, who pretty much threatened us with in an inch of our lives if we left the dorm. This lead to rebellious attitudes. A lot of girls made a break for it. I wanted to but I just stayed.

I did not have class on Monday because all morning classes were canceled due to the damage.

I did get to meet Daniel's parents on Monday. They are so great, we went to their hotel a little before six pm and then had supper with them at Ruby Tuesdays. We headed back for campus around ten pm. I felt like I got to know them so well and I got to know Daniel better too during supper. They are missionaries on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. They showed me a lot of pictures and told me a lot of stories.

Here are some fast facts:

Daniel's dad was adopted by the Inman family when he (Dan's dad) was five.

Daniel's dad has his birthday on March 15 too!

Daniel's mom is one of five girls. How fun is that?!

Daniel's parent's told me so many great stories that I can't possibly write them all down now, but I will tell you the story she told me about Miss Navajo Nation. She met the Miss Navajo Nation and asked her how you get to be a Miss Navajo Nation. The girl told her that there were three basic requirements.

1. She must be fluent in the Navajo language

2. She has to have a talent

3. She has to catch, kill, and clean a sheep in front of judges.

They teased me and told me they'd teach me how to kill and clean a sheep. I was thinking you really don't know who you are talking to.

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