Friday, October 7, 2005

Jessica, the one that Jesus loves

Life's been busy. I watched my Dawgs lose on Saturday. I stayed for the entire game and I got rained on. The rain actually felt good though, because it was so hot. It is October things are supposed to be cooling off. On the bright side, I made it on the fan cam.

I have two tests next week. One in Principles of Public Relations, and one in Political Communication. I have a quiz this week in Prin. of PR. I will probably be the hardest quiz yet, because it covers so much material.

I am reading this book for RUF core group and it is an excellent book. Philip Yancey is a great writer. He talked about John and the fact that the best thing John could say about himself was that he was the one that Jesus loved. I've enjoyed reading and discussing this book with others in this group.

I'm also reading TwentySomeone : Finding Yourself in a Decade of Transition. I looked up the TwentySomeone website and I found a download for the first chapter of this book. The link to the download is broken on their website but I found a direct link anyway: Chapter One (PDF).

I've been forgetting to update this site because I now have xanga and that is where most of my friends and family post. I'm still keeping this site up in case someone wants to comment without being forced to join a site. My name on xanga is Starlightonwings.

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