Tuesday, November 1, 2005

RUF Halloween pictures

We finally have the Halloween pictures from RUF up on the RUF website! They are so funny. I dressed up as a leaf blower. I taped a leaf to a cap that I borrowed from Melissa and I blew the leaf. It was a lot of fun.

Another note about RUF: Ricky's throat is better. The poor man has had to preach for the past couple of weeks with a sore throat. So we are all glad he is better.

Also, Congratualations to Melissa on getting the part of grandma in The Day the President Called and Called and Called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are excited; it is all you can talk about.

Here is a picture of the BEST Bulldogs competition that I emceed for on Saturday.

Also I could not find the picture of me and Daniel at the Halloween party at first, but here it is: Daniel dressed up as a shadow slayer.

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