Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Traditions

I've had a great Christmas. We had our traditional Christmas. My younger siblings put on a Christmas play and I narrorated by reading Luke chapter 2 out loud. Actually I have Luke 2:1-20 memorized but I was afraid to recite it because I have not reviewed it in a while and I did not want to mess up in the middle of their play.

On Christmas morning Melissa, Kimberly, Lydia and Jesse slept in. I did too, but 7:00 is not really that bad for me. When you have an eight year old and a nine year old sleeping in on Christmas morning. . . that is just crazy! They stayed up all night because they were so excited, and then they fell to sleep in the early hours of the morning. That is why they did not wake up early like they normally do.

We opened gifts and Jesse, guessed one of his presents before he opened it.

We had sausage, onion, and cheese stuffed french bread for breakfast before we went to visit our grandparents.

I had a good time with Amy at her Dirty Santa Ornament Exchange party on the 26th. I've never been to a Dirty Santa party before, and it was fun to meet her friends.

Yesterday, I went shopping with Bethany and Melissa. We went to Tupelo and spent more time than money looking through all the stores. Melissa spent all her time quoting Madagascar. I've never seen it but I now know that some one in that movie said "I liked it before you ever liked it, I like it so much that you hate it compared to how much I like it." This is the line she quoted everytime we saw something we liked.

Let me know what your Christmas traditions are.

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