Tuesday, December 6, 2005

First Final

Last night I went to the cafeteria with Brooke because they were giving away pancakes to the first 250 people. Unfortunately they did not prepare for more than 250 people (OK, when the sign says Free pancakes to the first 250 people, you assume that after 250 people come through everyone else will have to pay for their pancakes).

The RHA people who organized the event had to turn a lot of people away. A semi-riot broke out and there was profanity, screaming, and rushing. They had to call in security to help them turn people away. I'm not kidding. It was so funny.

Am I the only one thinking: It's just pancakes!

Today I had my final exam in Intro to Philosophy. I made a B on the exam. I know because he graded the tests as soon as we turned them in. It is kind of weird and painful to watch my teacher grade my test, but at least I know my grade.

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