Monday, January 9, 2006

reading This Present Darkness. . .

I'm only on chapter four in this book. It is slow going because I feel like reading non-fiction right now, but I'm sure it will pick up and become a can't put it down book pretty soon. That is how Frank Peretti's books usually. I need to finish this book soon because I want to return it to Katelyn as soon as a I get back to State. She was in the TwentySomeone small group Bible study that I was in last semester and she loaned me this book because I enjoy reading Frank Peretti but I had not tried to read this book yet.

Other than reading I've been waiting for some pictures to come back. I went to Wal-mart the other day and they only had one of my two rolls a film developed. I have some good pictures from my cousin Brittany's wedding (except for the fact that I managed to get the photographer in nearly all of them). I need a better lens for my camera; I could focus better and just get the people I want in my picture. It is too bad they are so expensive
BUT, they did not have the other roll of film. They lost all of my Christmas pictures. They told me to check back later, but I did and they still did not have them. I think they are just gone for good, and they were just trying to pacify me. Just another reason for me to dislike Wal-mart. . .

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