Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We have a raised bed garden out in our yard. Last year I did a little gardening, I planted rosemary, thyme, and cilantro and they all died. I also had new guinea impatiens, and petunias and they seemed to thrive. I could not keep the bugs off of my impatiens without bringing them inside every few days though, and they needed lots of water.

This year I'm trying again with the herbs. Mom bought me another rosemary plant and this one is doing well so far. I'm planning on buying two more rosemary plants too, because the one she bought seems to be for decoration instead of cooking. I also planted cilantro from seed this year because I read that it does better from seed than from a transplant. I've planted basil too.

I bought a red bell pepper and an eggplant while I was visiting Daniel in Jackson/Brandon for Easter. Mom bought tomatoes, broccoli, marigolds, and a gerbera daisy. She has planted some lettuce seeds too. I bought two strawberry plants at Palmer Home for Children.

Now we have caterpillars. They are crawling all over our garden and one of them was eating my new strawberry plants too. I don’t know what to do about them. My youngest sister, Lydia, keeps collecting them. Every time she finds one on our plants she puts them in a jar with leaves, but she can’t collect all of them. If she will just keep one of them we can watch it grow into a butterfly. I’m afraid that more than one caterpillar in a jar will not survive.

I guess that is enough on the garden.

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