Monday, May 19, 2008

Schools out

For me at least. We had Farewell to Fours on Monday May 5, 2008. This is our send off into preschool/end of the year program for our four year old class at Main Street Christian School. After that we just had goodbye parties for the two, three, and four year old classes, and teacher clean ups through the end of the week. I miss these little fellows, even though I am glad to have a small break.

Now I've just been spending my days with house work, gardening, and spending time with my niece and nephew, the adorable Isaac and Savannah.

Also good news: our church has finally found a pastor. We have been without a senior pastor for over a year now. So this is wonderful, but of course he is not actually here yet. He has to be examined and a lot of other things are going on too because he is not from this country he will need a work visa etc. So we need prayer for things to work out and all to go smoothly.

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