Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Busy Summer

This summer has been full. At first it seemed to be going pretty slowly and then things started to pick up around mid June. Here is a quick run down of what has been going on.

As of Friday, June 13 Daniel and I are engaged to be married. The wedding date is set for November 22, 2008. For anyone still confused about the date, we did move it from December to November 22, something about Daniel's parents being snowed in during late December. They get snow in New Mexico, imagine that. There goes our lovely December wedding, but at least we can get married sooner!

July 10-19 I went on a missions trip with Daniel's church, Providence Presbyterian in Clinton. We went out to the Navajo Reservation in Crystal, New Mexico to work with the Navajo children and the rest of the community. Daniel and I were in charge of one of the 2nd through 4th grade Vacation Bible School classes. We had 12 children in our class but averaged about 10 children per day. We had about 50 kids in all that week for the entire group. Our kids were so great. We did have one key trouble maker, but really these kids jumped in a worked hard on stuff! Only one of them had a Bible, and he does read it. Everyone else was writing down scripture verses and asking for more to write down and asking questions about the Bible stories: like since God created the world who created God?
I was amazed and so happy about this. My response was, of course, no one created God he just is, and was and always will be. I have so much other stuff that I could say about this week at VBS but I'm hoping that I can find time to write a whole post just on the missions trip. In the mean time here is a photo album that I created with some of the pictures Daniel took while we were out there.

Since returning from the missions trip, Daniel and I have become the new owners of a double wide trailer in Pearl. It belonged to his brother, Nathaniel, but we bought it from Nathaniel because he just purchased a house.

Mom bought us a six piece living room set too, so our dwelling place is now furnished.

I think that will be about it for this post.

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  1. Hey Jessica :) I'm so happy for you and Daniel - I hope you had a good time this weekend. I was just reading some of your former posts. Lots of memories! We'll have to email a lot when you move. And talk on the phone of course! I love you!