Monday, December 8, 2008

Our wedding

These photos and video clips were taken by my cousin Stephanie Schefano

I have some pictures and video clips of our wedding. This was before the wedding.

Me and mom

Me with my sisters Lydia and Kimberly the wedding singers

Daniel and his dad

The wedding.

The Reception

This was my aunt Glenda's work

The cake my sister Bethany made for me

This was the poster we made of us.

The fruit display my mother-in-law made

Video clips


Exchanging of vows

Exchanging of the rings


Pronouncement as man and wife

Reception: throwing of bouquet.

Other pictures of our wedding and reception can be viewed at (wedding photos) (wedding photos 2) She has the family pictures and leaving the reception pictures up too.

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  1. Jessica!

    Your wedding was so beautiful..wish i could have been there!

    much love,