Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things about Me (Jessica's)

1. I got married on Nov. 22, 2008

2. No one decked out our car with Just Married on the back.

3. So I wrote Just Married on the back with an old tube of lipstick before we went off on our honeymoon (after we drove away though).

4. It still won't come all the way off, and Daniel has taken it through a car wash and even tried scrubbing it off with Windex.

5. I'm a bookworm.

6. I like to write too.

7. I'm working on writing a novel now.

8. I've been working on this same novel for so long that my family probably thinks I'm never going to finish it.

9. It is probably because of the way I write; It starts out a small idea and then grows sometimes meshing in with another small idea that seemed completely separate, a new character pops up unexpectedly and I don't want to leave him or her out. A plot line springs up out of no where and I have to follow where it leads.

10. I'm settling in to my new place. It is starting to feel like home.

11. I've started helping out at our new church with an ESL program. Last night was the first night. It is exciting to be part of a ministry like this. I've wanted to do this ever since I was 13.

12. I love to cook.

13. I've started using a piece of Moroccan cookware called a tagine/tajine. It is a slow cooker that you use on a stove top. It has a cone shaped lid that collects the steam and juices from the food you are cooking and then lets them run back down into your dish helping mix all the flavors together. It is fun.

14. I got this tagine for Christmas from Daniel.

15. I'm learning to crochet.

16. I'm learning to play a game called Go, it originates from China.

17. Daniel and I go every Thursday night to a Go club and play. Yes, this is nerdy; I know.

18. We are planning on going on another missions trip to the Navajo Nation this summer.

19. It was great last summer, and I hope we can save up enough money to go.

20. We are working on a garden, just turning up the soil and getting it ready to plant stuff.

21. We hope to plant vegetables on on side of the yard and flowers on another.

22. Daniel has already planted a blackberry bush and muscadine grapes.

23. We were busy in this month painting rooms and reflooring our bedroom.

24. I'm looking forward to visiting my parents/family next month.

25. Married life is wonderful.

I've already had this pointed out to me on facebook: mine are not so random. :)

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