Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gardening and other projects.

Daniel is over his cold and cough.

He has started planting lots of seeds in planters, various tomatoes and peppers. He has planted three rows of onions in our garden. He also planted two blueberry bushes near the garden. These are the only things we can plant in the ground right now. We are waiting until the last frost to plant anything else.

I planted some petunias and impatiens seeds in hanging baskets. We also bought an aloe vera plant and potted it. I hope it does well.

I've started refinishing the furniture in our living room. I was going paint it black, but then I decided to refinish it instead because I like the wood look. If I paint over the maple wood, it will be a lot of work to try to get all of the paint off and refinish it later.

Off subject, I finally got the song uploaded that Kimberly and Lydia sang at our wedding. This is the RUF version of Beneath the Cross of Jesus (Christopher Minor music)
Here it is:

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