Thursday, April 23, 2009

English Conversation Party

This was our end of the semester party for the ESL or English Conversation class. We had the party at Anna's house, instead of Providence Presbyterian Church. She is one of our students, and she is from Russia.

Everyone took off their shoes for the party. The little girl in the picture is Anna's daughter. Anna has two other children, both boys.

Everyone brought a lot of good food. Anna made a Russian marble cake that was so good. I want the recipe. I brought strawberry trifle.

The older couple in this picture are Vesko and Lily. Vesko is ninety years old. I thought he was younger. They are from Bulgaria. Can you imagine trying to learn another language at the age of ninety? Vesko gave his testimony, but he had his daughter translate for him. He does speak English, but he was intimidated by talking so long in English.

This was when were getting ready to play Pictionary. The man in the blue and white striped shirt is Jose, he was my student. The man next to him is Ramon, the lady standing up is our hostess Anna, her husband Mark is sitting next to her. Elena from Kazakhstan is the woman sitting next to Daniel. I am sitting on the other side of Daniel, but all you can see is my sleeve. Mark and Elena were on our team for Pictionary.

Here are some more of our Pictionary team mates Betty, and Yifan Wang, and Caresse Ye.

This was us in the middle of the game. Daniel was good at guessing things.

We had a great time, and there were a lot of other people there. Hopefully I will get a group picture from someone.

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