Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canoeing down Black Creek

We went canoeing down Black Creek on the weekend of the fourth of July.
We left our home at 8:00 am and reached Brooklyn MS after 10:00 am. Because of the drought we had to start our trip from Moody's Landing instead of Brooklyn like we had originally planned. This meant our overall trip went from being 20 miles to 15 miles long. The water level from Moody's landing to Cypress Creek Landing was pretty low too. In some places the creek was so shallow that we had to get out of the canoe and push it to where the water was deeper so we could start paddling again. We also got caught on fallen trees and other obstacles that were not covered by the water completely.

We stopped and camped at a sandbar about a third of the way in on our trip. There was a thunderstorm headed our way so we had to hurry. We ended up on a sandbar with lots of rocks and pebbles. This made for a hard night, we got very little sleep. It did not help that we had insufficient bedding.

Overall though the trip was very nice. We did not tip the canoe. We were able to jump out and swim whenever we wanted. The water was nice and cool. It was a peaceful trip. We saw plenty of dragonflies and other creatures out on the water. The dragonflies loved me. They would just come and sit on me while I was paddling or swimming.

We plan on going canoeing again down Black Creek. Next time we will check the water levels, and try not to go during a drought, we will pack better bedding, and more sunblock, so we will have an even better time.

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