Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Navajo Missions Trip 2009

We went out to the Navajo Reservation and we stayed in Crystal New Mexico, just like last year.

We had a great turn out this year. We had record numbers in Vacation Bible School with 67 on our largest day. We also had record numbers with the evening services, and we had a good crowd show up at the Ladies Tea.

Daniel and I taught the Kindergarten through First Graders class and we ended up having about 15 kids in all come to our class. We also had Jeremy Ward as a helper.

This was our group (minus Jeremy because he was helping another class that day).
Here is a photo album of the missions trip online.

The Navajo need prayer. There are many families that have no men in the home. The women depend on their families and a government check rather than the men in their lives for financial support. It is easy come and easy go with them. The children need their fathers. I had a little boy in my class telling me that he did not have a dad anymore because his mom "ran daddy off."

There is a lot of superstition and hanging on to there traditions in the way of faith.
It is a Matriarchal Society so the people are not open to the biblical model of the man being the head of the home.

There is also a Morman Church only a short way from the Crystal Bible Church and the Baptist Church. The Mormans are not as strong a presense as they would like to be, but they are still competing with us for the hearts and mind of the Navajos.

Crystal in particular needs prayer, it is like the ghetto of Navajo Nation. The churches in Crystal seem to be having little impact on the youth as most of the people attend them are senior adults.

The things that did encourage us this year were the sheer numbers of children who came to the Vacation Bible School, and the fact that there have been other missions trips in the area (Christian sports camps etc.). These had large turn outs as well.

Also, there is now a youth pastor at a Baptist Church in Window Rock some of the youth said that they went to the church. So they youth are at least going to church somewhere, even if it is not in Crystal.

We hope to return next year and build on where we left off.

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