Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amy's Baby Shower

I went up to Hamilton, MS for my friend Amy Nelson's baby shower on Saturday. Amy and I met at East Mississippi Community College in Fall of 2002. We had Intro to Sociology and American Lit I together. We've been good friends ever since then.

Amy has been married for over five years now, she struggled with infertility and this year (after much fertility tests etc.) she is pregnant with her first child a baby girl. They are naming her Ella Grace. Amy, I am so happy for you!

You probably can't tell from these pictures, but Amy was in a lot of pain due to having a kidney stone. She says she is feeling a lot better now though. I'm so glad.


The cake was decorated like the napkins.

Yes, she really is that much taller than me.

Her friend, Courtney, holding one of the gifts I got her:
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®.

Me picking out a prize for winning baby shower bingo.

Loaded with gifts.

Group picture (Daniel took this one)

Me and Amy

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