Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have a problem. . .

Last week Daniel asked me about a particular story I've been writing. He said he had an idea for it, and told me an amusing little idea. He is a great person to brainstorm with because he is so funny and creative. He has a ton of ideas that just pop into his mind at any time, but he hates to write so he never uses them. He also does not have story ideas, but just ideas that might work in someones story.

Anyway, it was then that I admitted to him that I had actually not written anything on that story in a few months. We started discussing it and I started listing all the things I am "working on."

1 young adult fantasy novel (probably the first part of a series). I've written maybe three chapters so far.

1 children's play - written 1 scene so far

2 fantasy short stories

1 science fiction short story

1 historical fiction short story

2 contemporary fiction short stories

1 poem - I finished the poem in one afternoon. Poetry is the only thing I seem to finish.

I guess you can see the problem now. I write a little of this and then a little of that, and I never seem to finish anything. I need to pick one thing and finish it and then move onto the next.

My plan of action:
1. Pick a main writing project.

2. Start an "idea" notebook for all of my works in progress. So, when I get an idea for a different story I can go write it down so I won't forget about it. Then I can go back to the main writing project and not stay side tracked with something else.

3. Create a writing portfolio of all my finished works. Even if it is just a first draft, at least I've made it to the end of that draft. This might motivate me to finish things even more. Then when people ask what I'm writing, I can just show them my portfolio. I will also have things I can submit for publication.

I think my main project right now should be the children's play.
a. I've already written a plot synopsis, an outline and the first scene.
b. I've already named all the main characters (this always seems to bog me down).
c. I've already written it out twice before, once as a poem and once in story
form. Now I just need to write out dialogue, stage directions etc.
d. I know of a theatre that I'd like to send it to when it is complete. That
does not mean that they will produce it, but it is a start.

In a way this is a good problem to have: No Writer's Block Here! Or at least not the kind where you are trying to think of something to write.


  1. I love your ideas! I am definitely going to implement some of them, very soon!
    Your problem and mine seem to be the same.....I have too many ideas that sidetrack me from finishing any of my books; I especially loved your 'idea notebook'.
    Thanks for sharing! Keep up your new resolve!! :D

  2. So...yeah.
    I love that Daniel is so supportive of you writing! I don't know why that stuck out to me it just did.
    Finish that piece that you let me read some of. I want to know the end.