Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driving errors

It generally happens on Tuesday. . .

Driving errors.

Today, I'd like to go grocery shopping, and go to a writer's workshop at the library. These things happen on a Tuesday so I'm a little concerned.

Allow me to tell you what has happened to me in the past (always on a Tuesday).

I missed the last writer's workshop I tried to attend because I got lost going to the Public Library. It meets every other Tuesday evening for three weeks. It was different library than the one I normally go to and I've never been to this library at night. Suffice to say, I passed the library in the dark and then ended up going home because I was going to be really late to the workshop.

Yet another time, when going grocery shopping one Tuesday, I pulled out a little too far onto the road when I stopped at the stop sign, and people had to dodge me until it was my turn to go. I made it to the gas station and tried to put gas in the car, I hit the unleaded gas button over and over and could not figure out why gas would not go into the tank until I realized I was holding diesel gas pump in my hand. Whoops. At least I did not actually manage to put diesel in the tank. Later, upon returning from the grocery store, I nearly went to Walmart on accident due to taking the wrong exit out of the parking lot.

Today, I'm wondering whether I should even bother, but we need food. I'd also like to see what this writer's workshop at the library is going to be like. . .

The common denominator seems to be Tuesday, but it could be me (possibly). I've already told Daniel that he will be teaching our future children how to drive (just in case the problem is not Tuesday).

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  1. Ha. Good luck! I try to come up with all sorts of excuses not to go grocery shopping. I don't know what's wrong with me. Can I borrow your driving one?