Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out done by a two year old

Last night we went to the Brandon Reservoir for a picnic. It was nice and not crowded like it had been on Saturday. We were able to scope out a spot near the water and grill our hamburgers and hot dogs, next a Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.
We fed the ducks after we finished our supper. They have lots of ducks out near the Rez. We found a mama duck with her two ducklings and fed them too.
Then we pulled out our kite to fly around. I bought a Peanut M&M Kite from Walmart, so we could take advantage of the breezy weather and fly a kite. Triangle shaped, M&M, kites were the only ones available at Walmart.
This kite would not fly for us though. We tried and tried, and Daniel was getting very frustrated. Meanwhile there was this 2 or 3 year old girl right next to us who was having no trouble at all flying her kite. Daniel tried a tried, but then he turns and says to me "We are being out done by a 2 year old." He was right too; If this had been a competition it would have been: 2 year old winning - Inman's losing.
Her family left early, but they felt sorry for us and gave us their kite. (Sad) Still, we were able to fly this kite! It was great, Daniel and I took turns flying it until sun set. The difference? This kite was a diamond shape instead of a triangle shape. Who knew? 

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