Thursday, August 19, 2010

I survived

Recently, well on the last day of VBS, our jeep broke down on me. It has been sitting in the driveway taunting me ever since. We are planning on getting rid of it soon.

Now we are down to one car (again!). I am the nursery aide at our church, and I had nursery duty today, and I'll have it tomorrow too.  Since I don't have the jeep to drive anymore, I had to drop my husband off at work so I could have the car and drive to the church.

Back when all we had to drive was the jeep, I dropped Daniel off at work so I could keep the jeep to run errands. I did this once. Why only once, in an entire year? Because getting lost is my super power.  After I dropped him off from work I made a wrong turn going back home. I became very lost, so lost in fact that I never really found my way out, (not the right way). By the grace of God, I finally stumbled upon familiar territory and found my way home.

Because of this one incident, I've been afraid to drop Daniel off at work and keep jeep/honda ever since then. Until today. I had to today, because had to go to work myself.  I did not have a job last year, so it was not a necessity.

Today, I made it though. I battled my way through Jackson traffic, dropped Daniel off at work, and went to church where I helped take care of three babies and three other youngsters.  I will be helping take care of 8 children tomorrow, so I hope we have three people instead of just two tomorrow working with those sweet, but energetic kids.


  1. I am so glad you "survived"! You are scaring me again with posts like this! I love you sis, I will say a prayer for you tomorrow!! :)

  2. I'm glad you survived, too! Maybe a sweet little award will make you feel better for the task tomorrow! (It's waiting for you over at the Hall of Fame-come by and pick it up!)