Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Missions Conference 2012 at PPC

We had a wonderful missions conference this year. I wanted to recap some things for anyone who may not have been able to attend.

We heard from Dr. John Currid he preached on Mark 4 the sower sows. The missions conference was recorded and they will be available on our church website soon. Just check under sermons on

  Friday evening, Jarvis Ward gave a missions report from Mission America Coalition where he is the National Facilitator of City and Community Ministries. Their mission is  to share the gospel with the whole world, one community at a time, and to equip others to do likewise. They use a prayer, care, and share method to reach others for Jesus. Jarvis Ward's website is

Missions opportunity: Jarvis is in need of more volunteer administrators. If you can help answer phones, or help with the website, they need you! A sign up sheet is available on our missions bulletin board. 

Saturday, we heard a report on Virginia Lavallee, from Martha Lavallee.  She has been working with disaster relief in Japan for the past several months. They put her to work immediately driving their vans. She has cooked meals for these people, and is doing social work with the children and families there. She plans to extend her stay to 2013 if she can raise the support. She has a blog where you can keep up with the ministry she has been called to do.

A prayer need: Please pray the Virginia will be able to get her Japanese driver's license soon. She has been using an international license but that only lasts a year. The Japanese driver's licenses are very hard to obtain.

  Saturday evening, we heard from Roger Lowther on the Lowthers efforts in Japan. They have been using music to bring the word of God to the Japanese. The Japanese may not come to church, but they will come and listen to a concert. Roger played on the organ that evening too. Roger has also been helping with disaster relief efforts in Japan. Roger also has a blog where you can keep up with the Lowthers.

Prayer needs: The Lowthers will be moving to a new apartment in Tokyo once their lease runs out in March. The apartment they had was ideal for their ministry, the new apartment is less convenient. Pray for this transition (or that they will be able to renew their lease).