Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Risk takers

We need them in our lives. They spur us onto better things, or make us more willing to do the things we want to do even if we are afraid to do them.

I married a risk taker. On the surface he comes across as a cautious person, but there are plenty of things I have done since being married to him that I would not have done if he had not been the person to suggest it. Case in point:

About a month after we were married I had a observation day for a job. It was December, cold and rainy. When we stepped outside to head to our car we found our yard was flooded. The water reached all the way to our front steps. It was at this point that I was starting to rethink my day. I thought about how long it was going to take for the water to recede, whether I could we could call and explain the situation and ask if we could come in a few hours later after the water had receded. I turned to my husband and he was taking off his shoes and socks and rolling up his pants legs. He was going to wade through 45 degree water, get to the car, and go to work. His boss would have let him come in later. It never crossed his mind to call and ask. This was an adventure. (Edit: Daniel says the water was more like 35 degrees that day.)

I am more sensible, so I turned around ran back inside and came out with a towel. I took off shoes, socks, and rolled up my pants legs and ran through the cold water with my husband, then dried off my feet with said towel and put my socks and shoes back on to head off to work. Meantime our neighbors were standing on their front porches surveying their equally flooded yard. Their kids came out and pointed at us, saying "Mom, look at them! They are going in the water!"

Yes, we are those people, the crazy neighbors. I would not have done that without Daniel. 

Now how does this help with the rest of life? If we can take even small risks, it can help us know that we can take a bigger, more personal leap. We can do more than dream, we can pursue our ambitions, maybe they will become a reality. Taking small risks, develops our courage and allows us to hope for more, try for more, and be more than we are.

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