Monday, September 26, 2016

How rule following almost got me in trouble (my labor story)

     My contractions started coming at eight o'clock on March 29th and I went and did the dishes before I went to bed wondering if this was the real thing.  I did not mention it to my husband Daniel.
      I always wondered why some women don't just wake up their husbands when they are in labor in the middle of the night, women wait so long? Then I ended up being one of those women, I guess I just figured someone needed to get some rest and it was not going to be me so it might as well be him.

     At six am Daniel woke and asked me if I was OK. By that time my contractions were coming closer together so he started timing them. I wanted to leave when they were coming 5 minutes apart, but it really is not that cut and dry you are in labor. My contractions were 14 minutes apart, then 10, then 6, then back up to 9 minutes.  I texted my mom shortly after 7 letting her know that I thought I was in labor. Daniel was making me a smoothie, and cleaning the kitchen, and I was sweeping the floors in an effort to distract myself.  I thought I would take a warm bath, or use acupressure to help with the pain, but there I was sweeping the floor and breathing.  My contractions got down to 4 minutes apart and I called my doctor to let her know, and the nurse told me to come on in.

     Daniel dropped me off at the front door, and I took the elevator up to the second floor and was buzzed into the hospital.
     "I'm in labor," I told the nurse at the front of the desk.
     "What is your name?" she said.
     "Jessica Inman," I said.
     "Who is your doctor?" she said.
     "Dr. Moses," I said.
     "Well, we don't have a call in from your doctor, why don't you go up to her office and see          how far your cervix has dilated?" she said.

     I am such a rule follower that this is exactly what I did.  I turned around and left the hospital only to be met by my husband carrying our bags. 

     "You can just go put those back in the car," I said, "I have to go see the doctor, to check how far my cervix is dilated."   

     My husband just looked at me.   He said later that he could not believe they were sending me to the doctor's office, and he was definitely not taking my bags back out to the car! I thought I needed to go to another hospital where they would actually let me deliver the baby.
We got onto the elevator where we went to the third floor. At this point, I was having another contraction, and couldn't even talk to the receptionist. She just looked at me and then said, "I'll fill this form out for you."
     The next thing I knew I was sitting in the waiting room, ready to be called into the lab.  When the lab technician saw me she said, "WHAT are they thinking sending you in here?  You are obviously in labor!  You're havin' a contraction right now aren't ya?" All I could do was nod.  "What they gonna do just leave ya in here til you bust?" she continued.

     Really some women know how to put it like it is.
     I finally got called back to see my doctor, who was on her way to the hospital to deliver another baby. I was 7 centimeters dilated. I felt vindicated but also terrified.  Terrified that I was not going to make it back to the hospital in time to have our baby.

     I did.

     I went from 7 centimeters to 9 centimeters very quickly, all while answering a bunch of questions that they should have asked me during preregistration! I signed the consent form for an epidural, for my baby to have his first immunizations, for circumcision etc.  All I wanted to do was focus on breathing.

     Then my water finally broke.  That is when the nurse, Mary, said, "Hang on because things are gonna get real."
      I did not end up getting that epidural because things were going rather fast and I figured I'd made it this far why not finish naturally?
      I had no clue what I was doing.  You know how they tell you that pushing is intuitive? Well, they lied.  I pushed for an hour but I could not seem to figure it out. I kept arching my back and staring at the clock as if that would make Aiden come faster.  Another labor nurse to throw me a short thick pink rope, and she pulled on one side and I pulled on the other trying to get in the right position to push that  baby out.
     Daniel a was telling me to look and him and breathe and push because he saw the head for a tiny second, and I was pushing.  My doctor and nurses were telling me I could do it, and I all I wanted as for it to be over, and then it was over.

     I could hear him crying and then they put that little boy in my arms,  Aiden Daniel Inman, lying on my chest.   The little baby that I thought I'd never have, breathing his first breaths with me.

                               What about you did your birth go as expected or as hoped?

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