I fell in love when I was 23 years old with Daniel Inman, a young man I met at Reformed University Fellowship at Mississippi State University. He was thin, with dark hair and a ginger mustache and goatee, and he always wore shirts that looked like they’d been swiped off a mannequin in Hawaii.

I never know how to get a conversation going so when we first met I just mentioned the weather, this was apparently the right thing to do because he was a meteorology major and he told me a fascinating story about a recent storm chasing trip he’d taken. It wasn’t love at first sight, but his enthusiasm for life definitely intrigued me.

My family

We got married in November of 2008, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I moved to Pearl, Mississippi to be with him, hoping we would have kids within a couple of years. I could write my picturebooks or a fantasy novel, work in child care, and get to know my husband better while I waited for babies. My plan for our marriage did not include struggling through 7 years of infertility before we were able to conceive.

After eight years of marriage, we welcomed our firstborn son, Aiden Inman, into the world in March of 2016. I was 34 years old. In September of 2017, welcomed a daughter, Seraphina Inman into our lives. Then in September of 2019, we welcomed our third child and second son Landen Inman into our lives. That is right seven years of infertility and then 3 kids in 3 years. How great is our God?

This site

When we write an outline for our own stories they rarely include conflict, obstacles, and a character arch. God, includes all of these things and more because he is the author of our lives and loves us. He wants to see us grow, and become the people he always intended.

I’ve kept a blog on and off throughout the years, starting on Blogspot, then Xanga, anyone remember Xanga? And finally here on WordPress. This is where I share my faith, my family stories, my recipes, and what I am learning about writing fiction for kids while bringing up kids. I do have two kids with allergies, so some of my recipes are dairy-free, and some are egg-free.

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