11 Amazon and Audible alternatives

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Some of us are tired of Amazon taking over the world of commerce, and engaging in censorship. I personally don’t like to spend all of my money in the same place. It is better for all consumers to have competition in the marketplace. If you fall in one or both of those camps I have compiled a list of alternatives to Amazon and her sister site Audible.

1. Barnes and Noble – While they are not a cheap as amazon, they do have plenty of options, and free shipping available for orders $35 and up. They also have audiobooks available and e-books. If you don’t want to buy an e-reader from them, you can download their nook app on your phone or tablet.

2. Books a Million – Another big book box store, with similar options as Barnes and Noble. Free shipping for members only.

3. Bookshop.org An online only bookstore that gives money back to local bookstores. They have lower prices than bn.com and bam.com. They don’t offer free shipping, but they do have an affiliate program if you are looking to pick up extra revenue through them.

4. Project Gutenberg They offer over 60,000 free e-books. All of these books are now in the public domain. Their affiliate site Librivox.org offers free audiobooks for download.

Audible alternatives

1. Kobo.com Offers e-books, e-readers, and apps, and an audiobook subscription service similar to audible, that costs 9.99 per month after their 30 day free trial.

2. Scribd This is more like the Netflix of the reading world. Their subscription is 9.99 per month and you can read or listen to an unlimited number of books or magazines. Books can be downloaded for offline reading, but a lot of titles expire. So you don’t have access to them later as you do with Kobo or Audible. They also have original content and a platform for self-published authors.

3. Chirpbooks.com This is an affiliate of Book Bub. They offer deep discounts on audiobooks, and there are no subscription fees, but they do have a limited selection.

Christian alternatives

1. Christianbook.com – They have a lot of Christian Books or educational books, but they don’t offer free shipping. Their prices are very low, so not having free shipping doesn’t hurt your wallet.

2. Lifeway.com This site is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Association and only sells Christian Books. They do offer free standard shipping on orders over $50.

3. Reformedbooksonline They have free books, articles, and commentaries. Reformed.org is another place with books and resources for reformed believers.

4. RadioTheatre by Focus on the Family has high-quality dramatizations of classic books and original content. They are worth your time if you care to check them out.

I also believe everyone should get a library card, you can use that card to check out e-books and audiobooks for free. Check with your own local library to see which service they use.

Also, support your local indie bookstores. I love Lemuria in Jackson, Mississippi. I am sure there are probably a few near you as well. If all else fails you can always check directly with the publishing house if the book has been banned or is otherwise unavailable elsewhere.

Did I miss someone? If you have a favorite please comment and let me know.

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