Remembering 9/11 Twice my daughter’s birth story

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It was a Tuesday, and I was 19 years old. I was headed to church to watch the babies in the nursery for the women’s Bible study. I turned on the radio to listen to some music on the drive over only to be flooded with news of a horrific event unfolding in New York. I remember praying for these people as I walked into the church and wondering what this would mean for us. I didn’t know then how much the attacks on the World Trade Center Would change all of our lives but they did.

Fast forward 16 years. I was pregnant with my second child, my little girl, and 8 days overdue. She was supposed to come on Labor Day, but no, she held out for a bigger date. 9/11 was looming near when my water broke at 3:00 am on September that 10th. We headed for the hospital, and I was initially grateful that at least I wouldn’t have to be induced.

I didn’t know I was in for a long wait. I arrived at the hospital and they checked my cervix and I was 3cm dilated. Labor had not started yet, so I tried to get some rest. Later I started walking the halls with my husband trying to get things going. At 3 pm my labor finally started, by 7 pm it was bad, but at 7:00 am after having a difficult labor all night they checked my cervix again and it was still 3cm dilated. No progress at all.

I sent my husband home to get my birthing ball and then did pelvic circles on the yoga/birthing ball until back labor ceased and normal labor continued. At 10 am I asked to be checked again, and I was t 5cm dilated, it was then that I asked if it would slow down labor to get an epidural. No, I was told it would not. Not at 5 cm dilated, but there was another problem, my little girl’s heart rate was a little slower than it needed to be. They couldn’t give me an epidural unless it went up.

I’d been worried about her before I heard this because she wasn’t kicking. Her brother, my oldest child had been kicking up a storm trying to get out during labor, but she was completely still. I’d been doing acupressure trying to get her to move. That normally worked at home, but nothing was happening now.

When I asked for an epidural they said they would get some water going in my drip and see if this would help. It did. as soon as the water started going through my system, my little girl started to move and kick. The next thing I knew the nurse was checking me and I was at 6 cm and she was calling an anesthesiologist. Then we were at 7 cm dilated. I got my epidural and it was pure relief. I’d never been so exhausted in my life.

She was born two hours later with the cord wrapped around her neck, but she was fine. My little 9/11 miracle. She came to change our lives and to make our lives and September 11th so much. My little Seraphina . I love you, sweet baby.

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